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How the Trickbot C2 uses rDNS to disguise as a legitimate Australian government service

By Gabor Szathmari One interesting offshoot of researching .gov.au websites running outside Australia was an odd service running from Russia. How the Service NSW – a website...

Facebook Suspends Fake Accounts Created By Russian Intelligence Group Used To Meddle In The...

By Jack Stubbs The company said the accounts, which it suspended for using fake identities and other types of “coordinated inauthentic behaviour,” were linked to...

FBI and CISA Warn Malicious Actors Could Exploit Mail In Voting

By: Kyle Fedorek A joint statement released by the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) on Tuesday warns that foreign actors...

FBI Indictment Puts Chinese Government Linked Hackers APT41 in The Spotlight.

Seven men have been charged in the U.S. in relation to attacks by China-linked espionage operation which Symantec monitors as two distinct groups – Blackfly and Grayfly

Major Arrests Stem From Takedown of Wall Street Market on the Dark Web

Operation DisrupTor began nine months ago and spanned the United States and Europe. It comes more than a year after officials took down the “Wall Street Market,”...

Foreign and Domestic Hackers Attacks Increasing Against NASA

BY MAGGIE MILLER Top officials at NASA say the agency is facing increasing attempts by foreign hackers to target sensitive information as it works to improve its...

Email Spammer Using Hexidecial Ip Addresses For Spam Campaigns

Links in spam emails looked like http://0xD83AC74E instead of "domain.com." By Catalin Cimpanu A spam group has picked up a pretty clever...

New Snort & ClamAV Detection Signatures For Cobal Strike

New Snort, ClamAV coverage strikes back against Cobalt Strike By Nick Mavis. Editing by Joe Marshall and Jon Munshaw.

A more aggressive cyber strategy from the FBI hopes to disrupt foreign hackers

Written by Sean Lyngaas Last week saw a flurry of U.S. indictments of alleged Chinese and Iranian hackers as part of a multi-agency crackdown on...

500,000 Activision Gamer Accounts May Be Affected By Credential Stuffing

Davey Winder According to reports, more than 500,000 Activision accounts may have been hacked with login data being compromised. The eSports site...