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Dutch Fishing Outlet Exposes Hundreds of Thousands of Customers

Hengelsport (otherwise known as Raven Fishing B.V.), with PII for hundreds of thousands of customers left potentially vulnerable to hackers. Primarily located in the Netherlands, Raven is a store...

Influenced by the pandemic, data breach costs hit a record high, IBM report shows

The average cost of a data breach is the highest in 17 years, claims a report by IBM Security. An analysis of over 500 breaches organizations experienced in the...

The US Postal Service sued for alleged massive spying program

Surveillance is all around us, the EFF alleges.The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has launched a lawsuit aimed at obtaining more information about what could be a massive alleged spying...

CISA’s Top 30 Bugs: One’s Old Enough to Buy Beer

There are patches or remediations for all of them, but they’re still being picked apart. Why should attackers stop if the flaws remain unpatched, as so many do? In...

A New Wiper Malware Was Behind Recent Cyberattack On Iranian Train System

By: Ravie Lakshmanan A cyber attack that derailed websites of Iran's transport ministry and its national railway system earlier this month, causing widespread disruptions in train services, was the result...

Ransomware surged 93% in last 6 months fueled by triple extortion

In the past six months, cyber-attacks have increased by 29% with threat actors continuously exploiting the pandemic. Ransomware was fueled by innovation in an attack technique called triple extortion...
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