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Cybercrime news and articles. Stay up to date with the latest cyber crime trends. Enjoy exciting stories of cyebrcriminals. From carders and darkweb drug dealers to some nation state sponsored hackers. The Cyber Post brings you world wide cyber security news dedicated to cyber-crime.

In today’s digital age criminals are always lurking on the web. Whether it be phishing attacks or straight up digital extortion, many threats exist. But the cyber post is here to educate its readers. Learn from experts and cybersec industry vets on how you can better protect your data. Enjoy reading on how thieves and hackers employ tricks to steal your personal information. So then you can use this information to better protect your own identity.

Ransomware group threatens to leak information about police informants

The Babuk ransomware group is threatening to release sensitive information from the Washington DC Police Department in just days. One day after a ransomware group shared hacked data...

Law enforcement delivers final blow to Emotet

Written by Shannon Vavra Apr 26, 2021 |...

A push for cybersecurity philanthropic giving launches

Written by Tim Starks Apr 16, 2021 |...

FIN7 ‘technical guru’ sentenced to 10 years in prison

Written by Sean Lyngaas Apr 16, 2021 |...

Ransomware disrupts food supply chain, Exchange exploitation suspected

The disruption of food logistics company shows how the target isn't the only victim of a successful ransomware attack. When malware found its way into the network of...

How ransomware gangs are connected, sharing resources and tactics

New research by Analyst1 sheds light on the cooperation between some of the ransomware gangs dominating the cybersecurity news. Many of us who read the news daily encounter a...