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Cybercrime news and articles. Stay up to date with the latest cyber crime trends. Enjoy exciting stories of cyebrcriminals. From carders and darkweb drug dealers to some nation state sponsored hackers. The Cyber Post brings you world wide cyber security news dedicated to cyber-crime.

In today’s digital age criminals are always lurking on the web. Whether it be phishing attacks or straight up digital extortion, many threats exist. But the cyber post is here to educate its readers. Learn from experts and cybersec industry vets on how you can better protect your data. Enjoy reading on how thieves and hackers employ tricks to steal your personal information. So then you can use this information to better protect your own identity.

Digital intelligence must overcome challenges to solving crypto crimes

While the value of cryptocurrencies has varied wildly in the last year, this has not diminished crypto’s attractiveness to criminals. Many of them are moving their illegal activities underground...

Poly Network Hack Not Over as Attacker Prolongs Return of Funds

The Poly Network cyberattack saga has dragged into its second week with the hacker or hackers yet to provide the key for the multi-signature wallet needed to complete the...

Alleged $366M Bitcoin mixer busted after analysis of 10 years of blockchain data

U.S. authorities have arrested the alleged mastermind behind a multi-million darknet-based BTC mixing service, Bitcoin Fog, after analyzing 10 years of blockchain data.Authorities have issued a chilling warning to...

Analysts “strongly believe” the Russian state colludes with ransomware gangs

"We have the smoke, the smell of gunpowder and a bullet casing. But we do not have the gun to link the activity to the Kremlin." “We have the...

Ransomware turncoat leaks Conti data, lifts the lid on the ransomware business

An individual involved with the Conti ransomware gang decided to leak how-to documents and software for affiliates. Last week, The Record broke the news that a self-described “pen tester”...

Kaseya VSA Zero Day Exploit Explained

This article explains the pre-auth remote code execution exploit against Kaseya VSA Server that was used in the mass Revil ransomware attack on July 2nd, 2021. On July 5th, after...

BlackMatter, a new ransomware group, claims link to DarkSide, REvil

BlackMatter is only one of a handful of new ransomware variants that started its operations not long ago. There’s a new ransomware gang in town—and, frankly, we’re not at...
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