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Chinese Hackers Implant PlugX Variant on Compromised MS Exchange Servers

By: Ravie Lakshmanan A Chinese cyberespionage group known for targeting Southeast Asia leveraged flaws in the Microsoft Exchange Server that came to light earlier this March to deploy a previously...

APT Hackers Distributed Android Trojan via Syrian e-Government Portal

By: Ravie Lakshmanan An advanced persistent threat (APT) actor has been tracked in a new campaign deploying Android malware via the Syrian e-Government Web Portal, indicating an upgraded arsenal designed...

US and Global Allies Accuse China of Massive Microsoft Exchange Attack

By: Ravie Lakshmanan The U.S. government and its key allies, including the European Union, the U.K., and NATO, formally attributed the massive cyberattack against Microsoft Exchange email servers to state-sponsored...

Google Details iOS, Chrome, IE Zero-Day Flaws Exploited Recently in the Wild

By: Ravie Lakshmanan Threat intelligence researchers from Google on Wednesday shed more light on four in-the-wild zero-days in Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer browsers that were exploited by malicious actors...

China’s Cyberspies Targeting Southeast Asian Government Entities

By: Ravie Lakshmanan A sweeping and "highly active campaign" that originally set its sights on Myanmar has broadened its focus to strike a number of targets located in the Philippines,...

Chinese Hackers Exploited Latest SolarWinds 0-Day in Targeted Attacks

By: Ravie Lakshmanan Microsoft on Tuesday disclosed that the latest string of attacks targeting SolarWinds Serv-U managed file transfer service with a now-patched remote code execution (RCE) exploit is the...

REvil Ransomware Gang Mysteriously Disappears After High-Profile Attacks

By: Ravie Lakshmanan REvil, the infamous ransomware cartel behind some of the biggest cyberattacks targeting JBS and Kaseya, has mysteriously disappeared from the dark web, leading to speculations that the...

A New Critical SolarWinds Zero-Day Vulnerability Under Active Attack

By: Ravie Lakshmanan SolarWinds, the Texas-based company that became the epicenter of a massive supply chain attack late last year, has issued patches to contain a remote code execution flaw...

Kaseya Releases Patches for Flaws Exploited in Widespread Ransomware Attack

By: Ravie Lakshmanan Florida-based software vendor Kaseya on Sunday rolled out urgent updates to address critical security vulnerabilities in its Virtual System Administrator (VSA) solution that was used as a...

Experts Uncover Malware Attacks Targeting Corporate Networks in Latin America

By: Ravie Lakshmanan Cybersecurity researchers on Thursday took the wraps off a new, ongoing espionage campaign targeting corporate networks in Spanish-speaking countries, specifically Venezuela, to spy on its victims. Dubbed "Bandidos"...
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