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Russia-Sponsored Cyberattackers Infiltrate Microsoft’s Code Base

The Russian state-sponsored advanced persistent threat (APT) group known as Midnight Blizzard has nabbed Microsoft source code after accessing internal repositories and systems, as part of an ongoing series...

Linux Variants of Bifrost Trojan Evade Detection via Typosquatting

A 20-year-old Trojan resurfaced recently with new variants that target Linux and impersonate a trusted hosted domain to evade detection.Researchers from Palo Alto Networks spotted a new Linux variant...

Spoofed Zoom, Google & Skype Meetings Spread Corporate RATs

A threat actor is creating fake Skype, Google Meet, and Zoom meetings, mimicking these popular collaboration applications to spread various commodity malware that can steal sensitive data from both...

GhostLocker 2.0 Haunts Businesses Across Middle East, Africa & Asia

Cybercriminals have developed an enhanced version of the infamous GhostLocker ransomware that they are deploying in attacks across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.Two ransomware groups, GhostSec and Stormous,...

Taiwan’s Biggest Telco Breached by Suspected Chinese Hackers

Taiwan's Defense Ministry is urging Chunghwa Telecom, the the island's largest telecom company, to improve its cybersecurity following a data breach that compromised government-related information.The hackers, reportedly believed to...

Infrastructure Cyberattacks, AI-Powered Threats Pummel Africa

Most major economies in Africa experienced fewer overall cyber threats in 2023, but there were some dramatic exceptions: Kenya suffered a 68% rise in ransomware attacks, while South Africa...

MTTR: The Most Important Security Metric

COMMENTARYReducing risk has long been the guiding principle for security teams. However, even though security teams today are larger with more sophisticated security stacks, risk remains at an all-time...

Cyberattackers Lure EU Diplomats With Wine-Tasting Offers

Europeans are known to enjoy fine wine, a cultural characteristic that's been used against them by attackers behind a recent threat campaign. The cyber operation aimed to deliver a...

eBay, VMware, McAfee Sites Hijacked in Sprawling Phishing Operation

Attackers have compromised more than 8,000 subdomains from well-known brands and institutions to mount a sprawling phishing campaign that sends malicious emails numbering in the millions each day.MSN, VMware,...

Lovers’ Spat? North Korea Backdoors Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry

North Korean state hackers appear to be spying on Russia, by planting a backdoor inside of bespoke, internal government software.In mid-January 2024, a sample of the Konni backdoor was...
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