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Hacker attacks news and updates. Enjoy the latest cyber attacks news. Looking for data leaks or breaches? Than the Cyber Post has all the newest information on top data leaks and breaches in the cyber world. Hacking and hacker news are updated daily.

DDoS 2.0: IoT Sparks New DDoS Alert

By: The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming efficiency in various sectors like healthcare and logistics but has also introduced new security risks, particularly IoT-driven DDoS attacks. This article...

New HijackLoader Modular Malware Loader Making Waves in the Cybercrime World

By: Sep 11, 2023THNCyber Crime / Malware A new malware loader called HijackLoader is gaining traction among the cybercriminal community to deliver various payloads such as DanaBot, SystemBC, and RedLine...

Alert: Phishing Campaigns Deliver New SideTwist Backdoor and Agent Tesla Variant

By: Sep 06, 2023THNCyber Threat / Malware The Iranian threat actor tracked as APT34 has been linked to a new phishing attack that leads to the deployment of a variant...

New Python Variant of Chaes Malware Targets Banking and Logistics Industries

By: Sep 05, 2023THNCyber Threat / Malware Banking and logistics industries are under the onslaught of a reworked variant of a malware called Chaes. "It has undergone major overhauls: from being...

Threat Actors Targeting Microsoft SQL Servers to Deploy FreeWorld Ransomware

By: Sep 01, 2023THNDatabase Security / Ransomware Threat actors are exploiting poorly secured Microsoft SQL (MS SQL) servers to deliver Cobalt Strike and a ransomware strain called FreeWorld. Cybersecurity firm Securonix,...

Numbers Don’t Lie: Exposing the Harsh Truths of Cyberattacks in New Report

By: Aug 31, 2023The Hacker News How often do cyberattacks happen? How frequently do threat actors target businesses and governments around the world? The BlackBerry® Threat Research and Intelligence Team...

Kroll Suffers Data Breach: Employee Falls Victim to SIM Swapping Attack

By: Aug 26, 2023THNData Breach / SIM Swapping Risk and financial advisory solutions provider Kroll on Friday disclosed that one of its employees fell victim to a "highly sophisticated" SIM...

Urgent FBI Warning: Barracuda Email Gateways Vulnerable Despite Recent Patches

By: Aug 25, 2023THNEmail Security / Vulnerability The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is warning that Barracuda Networks Email Security Gateway (ESG) appliances patched against a recently disclosed critical...

Two LAPSUS$ Hackers Convicted in London Court for High-Profile Tech Firm Hacks

By: Aug 25, 2023THNCyber Crime / Data Breach Two U.K. teenagers have been convicted by a jury in London for being part of the notorious LAPSUS$ transnational gang and for...

New “Whiffy Recon” Malware Triangulates Infected Device Location via Wi-Fi Every Minute

By: Aug 24, 2023THNMalware / Privacy The SmokeLoader malware is being used to deliver a new Wi-Fi scanning malware strain called Whiffy Recon on compromised Windows machines. "The new malware strain...
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