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Darknet Diaries

This is a podcast about hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the network. Listen to darknet diaries weekly podcasts here on the cyber post.

EP 103: Cloud Hopper

Fabio Viggiani is an incident responder. In this episode he talks about the story when one of his clients were breached. Support for this show, and for stretched security teams,...

EP 102: Money Maker

Full Transcript Frank Bourassa had an idea. He was going to make money. Literally. Listen to the story of a master counterfeiter. Support for this show comes from Blinkist. They offer...

EP 101: Lotería

Full Transcript In 2014 the Puerto Rico Lottery was mysteriously losing money. Listen to this never before told story about what happened and who did it. Support for this show comes...

EP 100: NSO

Full Transcript The NSO Group creates a spyware called Pegasus which gives someone access to the data on a mobile phone. They sell this spyware to government agencies around the...

EP 99: The Spy

Full Transcript Igor works as a private investigator in NYC. He’s often sitting in cars keeping a distant eye on someone with binoculars. Or following someone through the busy streets...

EP 98: Zero Day Brokers

Full Transcript Zero day brokers are people who make or sell malware that’s sold to people who will use that malware to exploit people. It’s a strange and mysterious world...

EP 85: Cam the Carder

Full Transcript This is the story of Cam Harrison, aka “kilobit” and his rise and fall as a prominent carder. Support for this show comes from IT Pro TV. Get 65...

EP 86: The LinkedIn Incident

Full Transcript In 2012, LinkedIn was the target of a data breach. A hacker got in and stole millions of user details. Username and password hashes were then sold to...

EP 87: Guild of the Grumpy Old Hackers

Full Transcript In 2016 the LinkedIn breach data became available to the public. What the Guild of the Grumpy Old Hackers did with it then is quite the story. Listen...

EP 88: Victor

Full Transcript Victor looks for vulnerabilities on the web and reports them responsibly. This is the story about discloser number 5780. Listen to episodes 86, and 87 before this one to...
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