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Ransomware news and articles. Stay up to date with the latest cyber crime trends. Enjoy exciting stories of cybercriminals using online extortion. From hackers and organized crime to some nation state sponsored hackers. The Cyber Post brings you world wide cyber security news dedicated to ransomware.

In today’s digital age criminals are always lurking on the web. Whether it be phishing attacks or straight up digital extortion, many threats exist. But the cyber post is here to educate its readers. Learn from experts and cybersecuirty industry vets on how you can better protect your data. Enjoy reading on how thieves and hackers employ tricks to steal your personal information. So then you can use this information to better protect your own identity.

Ransomware disrupts food supply chain, Exchange exploitation suspected

The disruption of food logistics company shows how the target isn't the only victim of a successful ransomware attack. When malware found its way into the network of...

How ransomware gangs are connected, sharing resources and tactics

New research by Analyst1 sheds light on the cooperation between some of the ransomware gangs dominating the cybersecurity news. Many of us who read the news daily encounter a...

PYSA, the ransomware attacking schools

PYSA is big game ransomware that's been used in targeted attacks against large private organizations, healthcare, and most recently, the education sector. The education sector’s cybersecurity problem has compounded...

FBI warns of increase in PYSA ransomware attacks targeting education

Big-game ransomware, PYSA (AKA Mespinoza) is targeting educational institutions in the US and UK. On March 16, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a “Flash” alert on PYSA...

Ransomware is targeting vulnerable Microsoft Exchange servers

Attacks using the ProxyLogon Microsoft Exchange vulnerability have taken a new twist: DearCry ransomware. The Microsoft Exchange attacks using the ProxyLogon vulnerability, and previously associated with the dropping of...

REvil ransomware’s calling, and it’s not good news

REvil ransomware, also known as Sodinokibi, has deployed a new telephone-based tactic to convince victims to pay up. The REvil ransomware (AKA Sodinokibi, which operates as a Ransomware as...

Egregor ransomware hit by arrests

In a collaboration between French and Ukranian law enforcement, threat actors related to the Egregor ransomware team have been arrested. In a collaboration between French and Ukranian law enforcement,...

Fonix ransomware gives up life of crime, apologizes

The Fonix ransomware gang has deciding to pack its bags, apologise, and hand over its master decryption keys. It's keeping your money though. Ransomware gangs deciding to pack their...

Funke Media Group suffers nationwide ransomware attack in Germany

The German Funke Media Group has suffered a ransomware attack affecting several offices around the nation which is severely hindering the publisher's operations. On December 22, Germany’s third largest...

Threat profile: Egregor ransomware is making a name for itself

The Egregror ransomware is quickly making a name for itself by victimizing big corporations. How does it work and what is its background? What is Egregor? Egregor ransomware is a...