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Ransomware news and articles. Stay up to date with the latest cyber crime trends. Enjoy exciting stories of cybercriminals using online extortion. From hackers and organized crime to some nation state sponsored hackers. The Cyber Post brings you world wide cyber security news dedicated to ransomware.

In today’s digital age criminals are always lurking on the web. Whether it be phishing attacks or straight up digital extortion, many threats exist. But the cyber post is here to educate its readers. Learn from experts and cybersecuirty industry vets on how you can better protect your data. Enjoy reading on how thieves and hackers employ tricks to steal your personal information. So then you can use this information to better protect your own identity.

Night Sky: the new corporate ransomware demanding a sky high ransom

Night Sky is a fairly new ransomware strain that organizations must keep an eye out for. There’s a new ransomware in town—isn’t there always?—and it’s, unsurprisingly, after corporation-sized businesses. It’s...

Ransomware attacks Finalsite, renders 8,000 school sites unreachable for days

A still-unknown ransomware has crippled at least 8,000 school websites after attacking its service provider, Finalsite. Finalsite, a popular platform for creating school websites, appears to have recovered significant...

Kronos crippled by ransomware, service may be out for weeks

Human resources platform Kronos has announced it has been hit by a ransomware attack. While details are not in, the situation looks dire. Human resources platform provider UKG has...

Emotet being spread via malicious Windows App Installer packages

Emotet is using a new attack vector, which makes Microsoft look bad. How does malware end up on Microsoft's Azure cloud service and get distributed to victims from there?...

Security researchers play peek-a-boo with Conti ransomware server

In the game of ransomware whack-a-mole, the mole is king. Most of the time. It’s not been a great time for ransomware authors recently. Well, some ransomware authors at...

Bogus JS libraries become sustained ransomware threat for Roblox gamers

Scammers continue to target users of Roblox with bogus JS libraries and ransomware. How can children protect themselves against this threat? If your kids play Roblox, you may wish...

Wanted! US offers $10m bounty for ransomware kingpins

The US State Department is offering a massive $10 million reward if you can identify DarkSide operators. The US State Department is offering a massive $10 million reward if...

BlackMatter ransomware group announces shutdown. But for how long?

The BlackMatter ransomware gang has announced they are going to shut down their operation, citing pressure from local authorities.. Will they come back? Probably! The BlackMatter ransomware gang has...

Celebrity jewelry house Graff falls victim to ransomware

High end jewelry store Graff has suffered a ransomware attack where private data of celebrities were exfiltrated. Data on countless celebrities, including politicians, is apparently now in the hands...

Lessons from a real-life ransomware attack

Recovering from a ransomware attack shouldn't be a mysterious process. A sysadmin reveals all the best guidance to get through it. Ransomware attacks, despite dramatically increasing in frequency this...
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