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Ransomware news and articles. Stay up to date with the latest cyber crime trends. Enjoy exciting stories of cybercriminals using online extortion. From hackers and organized crime to some nation state sponsored hackers. The Cyber Post brings you world wide cyber security news dedicated to ransomware.

In today’s digital age criminals are always lurking on the web. Whether it be phishing attacks or straight up digital extortion, many threats exist. But the cyber post is here to educate its readers. Learn from experts and cybersecuirty industry vets on how you can better protect your data. Enjoy reading on how thieves and hackers employ tricks to steal your personal information. So then you can use this information to better protect your own identity.

BlackBasta is the latest ransomware to target ESXi virtual machines on Linux

BlackBasta, a newish ransomware group that is somehow linked to Conti, has a new Linux variant of its malware that targets VMware ESXi virtual machines. BlackBasta, an alleged subdivision...

Ransomware Task Force priorities see progress in first year

The Ransomware Task Force's five priority recommendations, issued last year, have all seen encouraging progress from governments. This blog is part of our live coverage from RSA Conference 2022: US...

Ransomware attack turns 2022 into 1977 for Somerset County

Somerset County in New Jersey has been sent back to 1977 after a ransomware attack shut down various historical record checks. 1977 was quite the year. Led Zeppelin! Jimmy...

Eerie GoodWill ransomware forces victims to publish videos of good deeds on social media

GoodWill ransomware has victims do something other than pay a ransom to recover their files. Ransomware does what the name implies: holds your files or network to ransom. Pay...

Chicago students lose data to ransomware attackers

A recent breach notification has revealed some 490,000+ students were impacted by a ransomware attack last December. Chicago Public Schools (CPS) disclosed on Friday that students may have had...

Cardiologist moonlighted as successful ransomware developer

Moises Luis Zagala, cardiologist by day, ransomware developer by night, has been charged by the US government for computer crimes. The US has charged a 55-year-old French-Venezuelan cardiologist from...

College closes down after ransomware attack

Lincoln College is the first US college or university ransomware affected so badly that it could not cope and had to close shop. Lincoln College, one of the few...

Costa Rica continues defence against sustained Conti ransomware attacks

Costa Rica is doing everything it can to ward off persistent and overwhelming attacks from the Conti Ransomware group. It’s not been plain sailing recently for Conti ransomware, the...

It’s business as usual for REvil ransomware

A sample of the new REvil ransomware was found in the wild, signaling that, yes, REvil has indeed come back. After the FBS arrested 14 of its members in...

Onyx ransomware destroys files, and also the criminal circle of trust

Onyx ransomware destroys files larger than 2MB leaving victims with tough questions about paying ransoms. Some ransomware authors seem to be whittling down their tenuous “circle of trust” style...
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