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Chrome WebGL Uniform Integer Overflows

Authored by Google Security Research, Mark Brand The WebGL implementation for setting uniform values with an ArrayBuffer argument do not properly handle large buffer sizes....

Cyber Vulnerabilities & Exploits

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New Stealthy Shikitega Malware Targeting Linux Systems and IoT Devices

By: Ravie Lakshmanan A new piece of stealthy Linux malware called Shikitega has been uncovered adopting a multi-stage infection chain to compromise endpoints and IoT...

Attackers Flood NPM Repository with Over 15,000 Spam Packages Containing Phishing Links

By: Feb 22, 2023Ravie LakshmananOpen Source / Supply Chain Attack In what's a continuing assault on the open source ecosystem, over 15,000 spam packages have...

Don’t Click That ZIP File! Phishers Weaponizing .ZIP Domains to Trick Victims

By: A new phishing technique called "file archiver in the browser" can be leveraged to "emulate" a file archiver software in a web browser...

Learning & Cyber Education

Why You Need Cybersecurity to Protect Your Greatest Assets

By: Tina Martin Why You Need Cybersecurity to Protect Your Greatest Assets When it comes to cybersecurity, you can never be too careful. After all, not...

Breaches & Data Leaks

Ukraine Secret Service Arrests Hacker Helping Russian Invaders

By: Ravie Lakshmanan The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) said it has detained a "hacker" who offered technical assistance to the invading Russian troops by...


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EuroTel ETL3100 Transmitter Default Credentials

Authored by LiquidWorm | Site zeroscience.mk EuroTel ETL3100 transmitters use a weak set of default administrative credentials that can be guessed in remote password attacks...

Huawei LCD_Service Unquoted Service Path

Authored by Gerardo Gonzalez Huawei LCD_Service version suffers from an unquoted service path vulnerability. Change Mirror Download # Exploit Title: Huawei LCD_Service - 'LCD_Service' Unquote...
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Uyghurs Targeted With Spyware, Courtesy of PRC

As part of its widely documented, brutal suppression of Muslim Uyghur populations, the Chinese government has been deploying spyware to hunt down what it...

Security & Hacking Tools

Adalanche: Active Directory ACL Visualizer and Explorer

I Can Haz Domain Admin? Active Directory security is notoriously difficult. Small organizations generally have no idea what they're doing, and way too many people...

Domhttpx – A Google Search Engine Dorker With HTTP Toolkit Built With Python, Can...

domhttpx is a google search engine dorker with HTTP toolkit built with python, can make it easier for you to find many URLs/IPs at once with fast time. Usage Flags This...

Sniffle – A Sniffer For Bluetooth 5 And 4.X LE

Sniffle is a sniffer for Bluetooth 5 and 4.x (LE) using TI CC1352/CC26x2 hardware. Sniffle has a number of useful features, including: Support for BT5/4.2 extended...

Cerbrutus – Network Brute Force Tool, Written In Python

Modular brute force tool written in Python, for very fast password spraying SSH, and FTP and in the near future other network services. COMING SOON: SMB,...

tsharkVM – Tshark + ELK Analytics Virtual Machine

This project builds virtual machine which can be used for analytics of tshark -T ek (ndjson) output. The virtual appliance is built using vagrant, which builds...

Daily Exploits & CVE Vulnerabilites

Loytec LINX Configurator 7.4.10 Insecure Transit / Cleartext Secrets

Authored by Chizuru Toyama Loytec LINX Configurator version 7.4.10 suffers from insecure transit and cleartext hardcoded secret vulnerabilities. advisories | CVE-2023-46383, CVE-2023-46384, CVE-2023-46385 Change Mirror Download CVE...

Loytec L-INX Automation Servers Information Disclosure / Cleartext Secrets

Authored by Chizuru Toyama Loytec LINX-151 with firmware version 7.2.4 and LINX-212 with firmware version 6.2.4 suffer from file disclosure vulnerabilities that leak secrets as...

etcd-browser 87ae63d75260 Directory Traversal

Authored by Kevin Randall etcd-browser version 87ae63d75260 suffers from a directory traversal vulnerability. Change Mirror Download An issue was discovered in server.js in etcd-browser 87ae63d75260. Bysupplying a...

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