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How to protect against ATM Skimmers and protect your credit cards

Cyber ​​fraudsters use various methods of stealing payment card data during a transaction. This article discusses the most typical ways, as well as protective measures, so that you are not...

How Authorities Took Down Germany’s Largest Dark Web market Chemical Revolution

Ecstasy, Cocaine or Marijuana? – Germany’s largest drug shop on the dark web had this and much more in its range. The goods were shipped through the mail to...

Texas Courts Hit With Ransomware Attack

Officials say they will not pay any ransoms or demands of the attackers! Texas officials have revealed that a ransomware attack was launched against its court system but insists no...

Monero-Mining Campaign Blue Mockingbird Exploits Web Apps

The cybercriminals are utilizing a deserialization weakness, CVE-2019-18935, to accomplish remote code execution before moving horizontally through the enterprise. A Monero digital currency mining effort has developed that abuses a...

Google Play Malware Spies On Users For Years

Kaspersky Lab experts have warned of the ongoing PhantomLance malware campaign, in which malicious applications in the Google Play Store secretly spy and steal user data on Android devices. According to experts,...

Largest Ad fraud targeting smart TVs

White Ops specialists found , they said, the world's largest fraudulent advertising operation using smart TVs. During the operation, called ICEBUCKET, using software bots, cybercriminals make advertisers think that real people are...

REvil threatens to reveal the legal information of Celebrities

The cybercriminal group REvil has attacked Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks, a New York-based entertainment law firm, and now the legal affairs of dozens of the world's largest music...