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Malware news and vulnerabilities. Enjoy cybersecurity news and articles to advanced malware threats. Learn how to protect yourself from cyber criminals and the latest threats. Looking for the hacker news or threatposts? Than the cyber post has all the latest cybersecurity info and news you can read. If malware-analysis is your niche then try a search or look into some of our ransomware threads.

New Ramsay Malware That Can Breach Air Gapped Networks

Researchers from cyber-security firm ESET announced today that they discovered a never-before-seen malware framework with advanced capabilities that are rarely seen today. Named Ramsay, ESET says this malware toolkit appears...

Chinese authorities monitor content of WeChat users registered outside China

Users cannot determine whether their content has been monitored and, if so, why. WeChat chat accounts registered outside of China are subject to the same level of control as Chinese...

Crypto Stealing Chrome Extensions Discovered

A security researcher discovered another 22 Google Chrome web browser extensions that tried to steal users’ cryptocurrencies. A security researcher has discovered another 22 Google Chrome web browser extensions built...

How to Protect Your Crypto from Cyber Attacks During Covid

The 1997 indie horror movie Cube posited a dystopic future where unwilling prisoners are systematically dismembered by a high-tech prison. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has created an environment for a similar virtualized...

Monero-Mining Campaign Blue Mockingbird Exploits Web Apps

The cybercriminals are utilizing a deserialization weakness, CVE-2019-18935, to accomplish remote code execution before moving horizontally through the enterprise. A Monero digital currency mining effort has developed that abuses a...

Google Play Malware Spies On Users For Years

Kaspersky Lab experts have warned of the ongoing PhantomLance malware campaign, in which malicious applications in the Google Play Store secretly spy and steal user data on Android devices. According to experts,...

REvil threatens to reveal the legal information of Celebrities

The cybercriminal group REvil has attacked Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks, a New York-based entertainment law firm, and now the legal affairs of dozens of the world's largest music...
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