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Monero-Mining Campaign Blue Mockingbird Exploits Web Apps

The cybercriminals are utilizing a deserialization weakness, CVE-2019-18935, to accomplish remote code execution before moving horizontally through the enterprise. A Monero digital currency mining...

Schneider Electric Detects Another Stuxnet-like Vulnerability

Trustwave discovered another Stuxnet-like vulnerability in Schneider Electric software, in particular in EcoStruxure Machine Expert (formerly SoMachine), which allows creating projects on Modicon M221 programmable logic controllers.

Google Play Malware Spies On Users For Years

Kaspersky Lab experts have warned of the ongoing PhantomLance malware campaign, in which malicious applications in the Google Play Store secretly spy and steal user data on Android devices.

Largest Ad fraud targeting smart TVs

White Ops specialists found , they said, the world's largest fraudulent advertising operation using smart TVs. During the operation, called ICEBUCKET, using software bots, cybercriminals make...

REvil threatens to reveal the legal information of Celebrities

The cybercriminal group REvil has attacked Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks, a New York-based entertainment law firm, and now the legal affairs of dozens of the world's...

Algolia Search Service Hacked Using Salt Vulnerability

┬áMay 8, 2020 The search service Algolia reported a hack during which attackers exploited a vulnerability in the software for setting up Salt servers and...