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The screen of a phone coming off with someone behind it.

A new type of mercenary spyware came on the radar called Predator. It’ll infect a mobile phone, and then suck up all the data from it. Contacts, text messages, location, and more. This malware is being sold to intelligence agencies around the world.

In this episode we hear from Crofton Black at Lighthouse Reports who spent 6 months with a team of journalists researching this story which was published here: https://www.lighthousereports.com/investigation/flight-of-the-predator/.

We also hear from Bill Marczak and John Scott-Railton from Citizen Lab.

If you want to hear about other mercenary spyware, check out episodes 99 and 100, about NSO group and Pegasus. To hear another episode about Greece check out episode 64 called Athens Shadow Games.

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JACK: You ever think about the proliferation of weapons? Well, shoot, let’s get into it. I want you to think about this guy, Sam Cummings. Here; I found an old vintage documentary made by CNN.

HOST: This is Sam Cummings, and this fifty-seven-year-old is the biggest private military weapons dealer in the world.

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