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Tor: “Experimental Fix” Might Make Tor Usable Again

A Tor patch is available for testing that might fix the ongoing consensus issues and general network degradation.For a qrd, DarkDotFail covered the outage through their Twitter account:“Ongoing Tor...

Italian Man Arrested for Reselling Drugs Purchased on the Darkweb

HomePostsItalian Man Arrested for Reselling Drugs Purchased on the DarkwebItalian Man Arrested for Reselling Drugs Purchased on the DarkwebAn Italian man suspected of importing and reselling a variety of...

Finnish Customs to Sell Almost 2,000 Seized Bitcoin

HomePostsFinnish Customs to Sell Almost 2,000 Seized BitcoinFinnish Customs to Sell Almost 2,000 Seized BitcoinFinnish Customs has agreed to sell the Bitcoins seized in connection with drug cases, including...

Four Sentenced to Prison for Darkweb Drug Distribution

Four Northampton men were sentenced to a combined total of more than 34 years in prison for their roles in a large-scale darkweb drug trafficking operation.Vladislavs Cvirkovics, 28, Filip...

Funke Media Group suffers nationwide ransomware attack in Germany

The German Funke Media Group has suffered a ransomware attack affecting several offices around the nation which is severely hindering the publisher's operations. On December 22, Germany’s third largest...

Virginia Man Sold Pressed Adderall on Empire Market

A man from Alexandria, Virginia, admitted selling methamphetamine through vendor accounts on Empire Market and Cryptonia market.In a federal court in Virginia, Dat Nguyen admitted conspiracy to distribute 500...

CEO of a Bitcoin ATM Company Indicted for Money Laundering

The CEO of a Bitcoin ATM company laundered money through and elsewhere, according to a recently unsealed indictment.The United States Department of Justice unsealed an indictment against Brannen...

Drug Dealer From Achern Gets Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

The now-convicted drug dealer who bit a police officer and escaped from custody was sentenced to three years of imprisonment.The dealer, a 26-year-old from Achern, purchased more than 500...