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Spanish cops arrest four in ‘FluBot’ text hacking scheme

Written by Shannon Vavra Mar 8, 2021 |...

Australian Man Sentenced for Selling Ecstasy on the Darkweb

An Australian man was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to distributing MDMA on the darkweb.Paul Rodgerson, 42, of Melbourne, Victoria, was sentenced in Victoria’s County Court for his...

Brave Browser Leaked DNS Queries for Onion Services

Brave, a browser that allows users to access onion services, had a bug that sent queries for onion addresses to public DNS resolvers.Brave is a browser that advertises itself...

Australian Border Force Seizes Meth Inside a Stuffed Llama

An Australian man was charged in the Perth Magistrate’s Court for attempting to import methamphetamine hidden in a children’s toy.Australian border cops know when there is something suspicious about...

Egregor ransomware hit by arrests

In a collaboration between French and Ukranian law enforcement, threat actors related to the Egregor ransomware team have been arrested. In a collaboration between French and Ukranian law enforcement,...

Crypto criminals got away with $5B less in 2020 as scam revenue falls

Revenue from crypto-related crime dropped by more than half in 2020 according to Chainalysis’ annual report on the subject.Cybercriminals netted around $5 billion less than the $10 billion plus...

New Change to German Postal Law Targets Internet Drug Trade

The German government passed a draft law that requires employees of private postal services to report packages of drugs to law enforcement.The Bundestag greenlit a draft law that would...