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White House Market Ends Support for Bitcoin Payments

HomePostsWhite House Market Ends Support for Bitcoin PaymentsWhite House Market Ends Support for Bitcoin PaymentsOne of the leading darkweb marketplaces, White House Market, ended support for Bitcoin transactions.White House...

~Shabang~ Sentenced to Eight Months in Prison

A District Court judge sentenced Michael Weigand, known as “~Shabang~” on the Silk Road darkweb market, to eight months in prison for lying providing technical assistance to the administrators...

International sting shuts down ‘favorite’ VPN of cybercriminals

Written by Joe Warminsky Dec 22, 2020 |...

Court Grants Filing Extension in DeepDotWeb Case

In the case of the United States vs. Tal Prihar, the alleged administrator of the darkweb news site DeepDotWeb, a court granted the defense’s motion for an extension of...

Cop-Biting Drug Dealer Awaits Verdict in Germany

A verdict is expected today in the case of the alleged drug dealer who resold drugs purchased on the darkweb. The defendant on trial is the same one who...

FBI to reform virtual currency practices following DoJ recommendations

A recently released U.S. Department of Justice audit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) practices in regards to darknet criminal investigations concluded that the law enforcement agency is...

USPS and Customs are Failing to Comply with Opioid Trafficking Laws

Some of the laws in place to prevent international opioid trafficking are not being enforced by the United States Postal Service or Customs and Border Protection, members of the...

Sources claim ‘sympathetic’ Trump is considering pardon for Silk Road founder

According to The Daily Beast, outgoing United States President Donald Trump is considering granting clemency to Ross Ulbricht — the founder and operator of the pioneering darknet market, Silk...

Monero GUI and CLI Update: ‘Oxygen Orion’

HomePostsMonero GUI and CLI Update: 'Oxygen Orion'Monero GUI and CLI Update: 'Oxygen Orion'The Monero Project released an update to its CLI and GUI software that updates OpenSSl and provides...