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Inter skimming kit used in homoglyph attacks

Threat actors load credit card skimmers using a known phishing technique called homoglyph attacks. As we continue to track web threats and credit card skimming in particular, we often...

Release the Kraken: Fileless injection into Windows Error Reporting service

We discovered a new attack that injected its payload—dubbed "Kraken—into the Windows Error Reporting (WER) service as a defense evasion mechanism. This blog post was authored by Hossein Jazi...

How to Pinpoint Rogue IoT Devices on Your Network

Researchers explain how security practitioners can recognize when a seemingly benign device could be malicious.A Raspberry Pi floating on your network may not be cause for concern – at...

A 7-Step Cybersecurity Plan for Healthcare Organizations

With National Cybersecurity Awareness Month shining a spotlight on the healthcare industry, security pros share best practices for those charged with protecting these essential organizations.1 of 8 Healthcare organizations, on...

Cyberattacks Up, But Companies (Mostly) Succeed in Securing Remote Workforce

Despite fears that the burgeoning population of remote workers would lead to breaches, companies have held their own, a survey of threat analysts finds.Since the onset of the pandemic,...

Critical Zerologon Flaw Exploited in TA505 Attacks

Microsoft reports a new campaign leveraging the critical Zerologon vulnerability just days after nation-state group Mercury was seen using the flaw.Microsoft has observed new threat activity exploiting the critical...
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