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Critical Jira Flaw in Atlassian Could Lead to RCE

The software-engineering platform is urging users to patch the critical flaw ASAP. Atlassian has dropped a patch for a critical vulnerability in many versions of its Jira Data Center and...

Windows Vulnerability Allows Malware To Run With Admin Rights

Security researchers have discovered a workaround for a Microsoft Print Services vulnerability patch ( CVE-2020-1048 ) that allows attackers to execute malicious code with elevated privileges. The vulnerability was discovered by experts Peleg Hadar and Tomer...

Critical Libgcrypt Crypto Bug Opens Machines to Arbitrary Code

The flaw in the free-source library could have been ported to multiple applications. The Libgcrypt project has rushed out a fix for a critical bug in version 1.9.0 of the...

Feds Issue Recommendations for Maritime Cybersecurity

Report outlines deep cybersecurity challenges for the public/private seagoing sector. The White House has released cybersecurity guidance for securing the Maritime Transportation System (MTS), which operates along 25,000 miles of...

Public Exploit Released for Windows 10 Bug

The vulnerability affects all unpatched Windows 10 versions following a messy Microsoft January update. Security teams might have skipped January’s Patch Tuesday after reports of it breaking servers, but it...

VMWare Urges Users to Patch Critical Authentication Bypass Bug

Vulnerability—for which a proof-of-concept is forthcoming—is one of a string of flaws the company fixed that could lead to an attack chain. VMware and experts alike are urging users to...

Cisco SD-WAN Security Bug Allows Root Code Execution

The high-severity bug, tracked as CVE-2021-1529, is an OS command-injection flaw. Cisco SD-WAN implementations are vulnerable to a high-severity privilege-escalation vulnerability in the IOS IE operating system that could lead...

Critical Cisco Bug in Small Business Routers to Remain Unpatched

The issue affects a range of Cisco Wireless-N and Wireless-AC VPN routers that have reached end-of-life. A critical security vulnerability in Cisco Small Business Routers (RV110W, RV130, RV130W and RV215W...

‘Pay Ransom’ Screen? Too Late, Humpty Dumpty – Podcast

Splunk’s Ryan Kovar discusses the rise in supply-chain attacks a la Kaseya & how to get ahead of encryption leaving your business a pile of broken shells.  Systems actively encrypted?...

Technical Advisory – OpenJDK – Weak Parsing Logic in java.net.InetAddress and Related Classes

Vendor: OpenJDK Project Vendor URL: https://openjdk.java.net Versions affected: 8-17+ (and likely earlier versions) Systems Affected: All supported systems Author: Jeff Dileo Advisory URL / CVE Identifier: TBD Risk: Low (implicit data validation bypass) The private...
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