Is Conti rebranding? Commercial spyware scrutinized. Notes from the cyber phases of a hybrid war. Notes on the underworld. Software supply chain attack. Canada will exclude Huawei from 5G.

Was Conti’s digital insurrection in Costa Rica misdirection? Google assesses a commercial spyware threat “with high confidence.” Continuing expectations of escalation in cyberspace. The limitations of an alliance of convenience. Fronton botnet shows versatility. Russian hacktivists hit Italian targets, again. Lazarus Group undertakes new SolarWinds exploitation. Crypters in the C2C market. CrateDepression supply chain attack. Johannes Ullrich describes an advance fee scam hitting crypto markets. Our guest is Marty Roesch, CEO of Netography and inventor of Snort. Canada to exclude Huawei from 5G networks on security grounds.