On this week’s show Patrick Gray and Adam Boileau discuss recent security news, including:

  • Analysis suggests the Kaseya REvil incident was actually a bit of a fizzer
  • They also obtained a decrypt key and no one knows how
  • EU to follow US Treasury on Bitcoin controls
  • Israeli Government has eyes on NSO fallout
  • PetitPotam Active Directory technique is very bad news
  • Much, much more…

This week’s show is brought to you by Remediant. Remediant makes a PAM solution that’s, well, quite different from the traditional password-vault style solutions. That’s put them in an interesting situation lately with Gartner. Remediant scored an honourable mention as a PAM to take note of, alongside Microsoft, but the thing is they don’t even qualify as a PAM vendor under Gartner’s own criteria. This might mean the analyst firms need to re-jig the way they evaluate and rank tech given there are so many more ways to skin cats these days. Remediant co-founder Paul Lanzi will join me in this week’s sponsor slot to talk through all of that.

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