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This is additional research regarding a mitigation bypass in Windows Defender. Back in 2022, the researcher disclosed how it could be easily bypassed by passing an extra path traversal when referencing mshtml but that issue has since been mitigated. However, the researcher discovered using multiple commas can also be used to achieve the bypass. This issue was addressed. The fix was short lived as the researcher has found yet another third trivial bypass.

[+] Credits: John Page (aka hyp3rlinx)    
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[+] ISR: ApparitionSec


Windows Defender

[Vulnerability Type]
Windows Defender Detection Mitigation Bypass

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[Security Issue]
Typically, Windows Defender detects and prevents TrojanWin32Powessere.G aka "POWERLIKS" type execution that leverages rundll32.exe. Attempts at execution fail
and attackers will typically get an "Access is denied" error message.

Back in 2022, I first disclosed how that could be easily bypassed by passing an extra path traversal when referencing mshtml but since has been mitigated.
Recently Feb 7, 2024, I disclosed using multi-commas "," will bypass that mitigation but has since been fixed again.
The fix was short lived as I find yet another third trivial bypass soon after.

Open command prompt as Administrator.

C:sec>rundll32.exe javascript:"....mshtml,,RunHTMLApplication ";alert(13)
Access is denied.

C:sec>rundll32.exe javascript:"....mshtml....mshtml,RunHTMLApplication ";alert('HYP3RLINX')

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February 16, 2024 : Public Disclosure

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