Authored by Emad Al-Mousa

Proof of concept exploit for Oracle RMAN on Oracle database versions 19c, 18c,, and where an RMAN controlfile operation is not adequately logged.

advisories | CVE-2021-2207

Title: CVE-2021-2207 - RMAN Controlfile Operation Not Audited
Product: Database
Manufacturer: Oracle
Affected Version(s):,, 18c, 19c
Tested Version(s): 19c
Risk Level: low
Score: 2.3
Solution Status: Fixed
CVE Reference: CVE-2021-2207
Author of Advisory: Emad Al-Mousa


Audit failure is a security weakness in software product especially if a security audit is in-place to detect a certain operation. Oracle RMAN is
a database Recovery Manager utility for backup and restore operations, so any security weakness/vulnerability can be exploited by insider threat or
external attacker to view confidential data in unauthorized manner.

Vulnerability Details:

oracle database controlfile restore is not logged in unified auditing logs

Proof of Concept (PoC):

In this simulation, unified auditing logs the backup of controlfile successfully while restore operation was not as shown below:

rman target /

RMAN> backup current controlfile;

RMAN> restore controlfile to '/tmp/emad_ctl.ctl';

Querying Unified Audit logs:

SQL> select audit_type,client_program_name,event_timestamp,rman_operation,rman_object_type,rman_device_type from unified_audit_trail where audit_type like 'RMAN%'' order by event_timestamp desc;

control file backup was recorded under RMAN_OBJECT_TYPE column while restore operation was logged, but it was not clear for which database object….in our case its the controlfile !