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Piwigo version 13.5.0 suffers from a remote SQL injection vulnerability.

advisories | CVE-2023-26876

=====[ Tempest Security Intelligence - ADV-03/2023

Piwigo - Version 13.5.0

Author: Rodolfo Tavares

Tempest Security Intelligence - Recife, Pernambuco - Brazil

=====[ Table of Contents]==================================================
* Overview
* Detailed description
* Timeline of disclosure
* Thanks & Acknowledgments
* References

=====[ Vulnerability
* Class: improper Neutralization of Special Elements used in an SQL Command
('SQL injection') [CWE-89] improper Neutralization of Special Elements used
in an SQL Command ('SQL Injection')
* CVE-2023-26876

=====[ Overview]========================================================
* System affected : Piwigo - Version 13.5.0
* Software Version : Version 13.5.0 (other versions may also be affected).
* Impact : Piwigo 13.5.0 is vulnerable to SQL injection via
/filter_user_id parameter to the
admin.php?page=history&filter_image_id=&filter_user_id endpoint. An
attacker can exploit this by
executing SQL injection code to retrieve sensitive (P1) information and
performing unintended actions.

=====[ Detailed

An authenticated user could run SQLi commands in the application and
retrieve sensitive information (P1) and database information. Using the
http://localhost/admin.php?page=history&filter_image_id=&filter_user_id. To
explore just execute the following request:

Host: localhost
Cookie: pwg_id=cookies

Check the value contained in the *filter_image_id* variable at the request

=====[ Timeline of

12/Fev/2023 - Responsible disclosure was initiated with the vendor.

17/Fev/2023 - Piwigo confirmed the issue;

08/Mar/2023 - CVE-2023-26876 was assigned and reserved.

09/Mar/2023 - The vendor fixed the vulnerability SQL Injection.

=====[ Thanks & Acknowledgments]========================================

* fxo,ravs
* Henrique Arcoverde < henrique.arcoverde () >
* Tempest Security Intelligence / Tempest's Pentest Team [3]

=====[ References ]=====================================================





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