Notes on cyber phases of Russia’s hybrid war, including an assessment of Victory Day as an influence op. A look at C2C markets. And Spain’s spyware scandal claims an intelligence chief.

A quick introductory note on Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine. Russian television schedules hacked to display anti-war message. Phishing campaign distributes Jester Stealer in Ukraine. European Council formally attributes cyberattack on Viasat to Russia. Costa Rica declares a state of emergency as Conti ransomware cripples government sites. DCRat and the C2C markets. The gang behind REvil does indeed seem to be back. More Joker-infested apps found in Google Play. Guest Nick Adams from Differential Ventures discusses what will drive continued growth of cybersecurity beyond attack surfaces and governance from a VC’s perspective. Partner Ben Yelin from UMD CHHS on digital privacy concerns in the aftermath of the potential overturn of Roe vs Wade. And Spain’s spyware scandal takes down an intelligence chief.