Cybersecurity firms are urging ordinary civilians to join the cyberwar, by means of an app that allows them to attack Russian websites spreading disinformation.

A link to the app – which is being promoted by cybersecurity firm disBalancer on Telegram – and instructions for how to download it were posted by Hacken, another cybersecurity outfit, on its Twitter page yesterday.

“Let’s fight for peace and security in Ukraine together,” Hacken tweeted. “Join @thedisbalancer Telegram chat, write #stopPutin, and follow the instructions. Together we can stop Russian propaganda!”

“We want to unite people fighting with Russian propaganda,” said a spokesperson for Hacken. “Our sister company disBalancer created a very easy-to-use app, so everyone can join the cyber army and help to turn off their lying websites. I believe that the whole cybersecurity community should know about this and spread the word.”

, The cyber army needs you, urges new app, The Cyber Post

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