Vulnerability Scanner

, Hellraiser – CVE-Search Vulnerability Scanner, The Cyber Post


HellRaiser depends on cve-search API. Have a cve-search API running and add the address in config/config.yml on cvesearch_api_domain field.

Install ruby, bundler and rails. https://gorails.com/setup/ubuntu/16.04

Install redis-server and nmap.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install redis-server nmap

Install the foreman gem.

gem install foreman

Clone HellRaiser repository, change to hellraiser web app directory and run bundle install and bundle exec rake db:migrate.

git clone https://github.com/m0nad/HellRaiser/
bundle install --path vendor/bundle
bundle exec rake db:migrate


Start the Procfile using foreman.

foreman s



How it works?

HellRaiser scan with nmap then correlates cpe’s found with cve-search to enumerate vulnerabilities.